LASER HAIR REMOVAL - Whether you are male or female, consider laser hair removal for that smooth attractive face and body you’ve always wanted.

We are excited to offer you the GentleLase by Candela Corporation, an alexandrite laser featuring dynamic cooling which makes laser treatments less uncomfortable and more effective. By literally freezing the skin milliseconds before the laser pulse, there is less thermal damage to the skin thus allowing higher energy to penetrate the hair follicle where it is needed.  for more information on Laser Hair Removal.

ELECTROLYSIS HAIR REMOVAL - Electrolysis has been in existence since 1875. Not
many people know it's been available for so long and try temporary methods on their own, only to find out they could've had permanent professional treatment through electrolysis, after they may have made their condition worse.

Electrolysis works by treating each individual hair at the hair growth site. The papilla that circulates blood flow to the growing hair is the target. As the current or currents treat the
hair follicle, you'll notice change in the hair growth, less hair growth, and then no hair growth as treatments progresses. for more information on electrolysis.

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